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Brazilís land mass totals aprox. 8.500.000 Km2 (aprox. 5.319.979 square miles) and is the largest tropical country on earth. It has as much to offer you and your clients in exoticism, diversity and surprises as it does in area, ethnic groups, scenery and the creativity of its almost 170 million inhabitants.

If you want festivity, music, joy and fun, remember Brazilians are like Carmen Miranda, the most musical people in the world and hold their celebrations with a healthy mix of the primitive and the civilized, a rich mixture of paganism and religiosity, which brings together Carnival and St. Jo„o festival, between others.

If itís sunshine you are looking for, youíll find a coastal paradise set with thousands of islands, aprox. 8.000 Km ( aprox.5.000 miles ) of beaches dotted with coconut palms and waters of all temperatures.

If you come searching adventure or ecological exploration, the Amazon region, the wetlands of Pantanalís area and Iguassu Falls are ready to have their flora, fauna, waterways and the mysteries of Creation discovered.

But if you are interested in history, art and culture, whole cities are still witnesses of the baroque (mainly in 17th and 18th century) and colonial influences brought by the Portuguese since the 16th century. Also the magnificent heritages of the sugar, gold, rubber and coffee periods can be seen.
In BrasŪlia, the national Capital, you will find the city itself as a real modern art example.

Food can be found in an abundance of tastes. They may come from Africa, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Japan, China and Spain, between others.

Coming into Brazil is a relative simple matter, as the country has many different gateways for international visitors. The official language is Portuguese. English, German, French, Italian and Spanish are frequently spoken in most hotels; English in most restaurants and shops. The currency is Real and American dollar is easily exchangeable at bureau de chance and at all major hotels. Credit cards are also accepted at most hotels and shops.

It will be a pleasure to have you and your clients enjoying or working in Brazil with us.

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