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  Foz do Iguaçu-PR
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Foz do Iguaçu is located in the state of Paraná. It belongs to the Brazil Federative Republic and borders Argentina and Paraguay. The total area is about 433,3 square meters, being 106,6 part of Iguassu National Park.
Besides the exuberant natural attractions, there are many options, tours and opportunities. This city has a remarkable hotel network and has the capacity of hosting exhibition fairs, conventions and events. There are three airports in the region.

 Iguassu Falls

 A true show of waters, as it was suggested by the Indians. In their language, "iguassu" means "great waters".
The falls cause a mist which brings up beautiful and enormous rainbows, and offers the visitor a real show of light and sound. millions of visitors comes to appreciate its magical and powerful landscape.
Iguassu Falls are located at the point where the borders of Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina meet.
The falls are formed by the meeting of the Paraná and Iguassu Rivers. Their waters descend the great height of the falls with such torrential force that the sound is heard miles away. Great clouds of spray climb upwards, often carrying rainbows to the sky.
The Iguassu Falls are the largest in the word. Helicopters are available for a closer view of the falls.
Boats provide tours through "Devil's Pass".

 Iguassu National Park

 Iguassu National Park encompasses about 185 thousands hectares and in 1986 was declared as a Natural Heritage of Humankind.
It is one of the 5 remaining parks of Mata Atlantica. There are also about 200 kinds of wild animals.
 At the Visitors Bureau there is a museum with several animals, archeological exbitions, Indian`s stuffs and typical handicrafts of Indian culture.

 Itaipu Dam

 Located in Parana river, Itaipu is the world's largest hydroelectric power plant in operation and it is projected for the supply of 80% of the power consumed in Paraguay and 25% of the power consumed in Brazil.
 The hydroelectric has an installed capacity of 12,6 thousand MW (Megawatts), with 18 generating units capable of producing 700 MW each.
 Itaipu have already received nine million Brazilians and foreigners visitors.

 Macuco Sarafi by Boat

 Traveling in the Macuco Trail, in a rustic open wagon, allows an unhindered view of the luxurious jungle in all its splendor.
 Guides will tell you stories, legends, marvels and mysteries of the sub-tropical forest surrounded by orchids, bromelias and thousands of butterflies.
 Walk down the Iguassu Canyon Trail, visiting the picturesque Macuco Falls. Penetrate the Brazilian jungle on foot to have a more intimate contact with Nature.
 "Shoot the rapids" in the Iguassu Canyon in our secure open boats (mild Rapid). Have a different view of the Iguassu Falls. Feel the same emotion as the first pioneers did on discovering this untouched wild area.

 Bird´s Park

 The Foz Tropicana Bird Park is a financially independent private enterprise, its objectives are reproduction of endangered species, environmental education and eco tourism. It covers an area of 16 hectares of subtropical forest near the National Park and stretches from the road to the river Iguassu. The visitor follows a 1000 m long and winding path through the forest, in which there are vivariuns located. You have free pass to enter these huge vivariums where you can come into close contact with the birds. You have the opportunity to take photos and observe the Brazilian birds at close range, such as: Macaws, toucans, conures, and many others tropical species.
At present the Bird's Park has 1000 birds of 150 species, including subtropical species from Africa, Asia, and Australia.

Country Info
Name: Brazil
Capital: Brasília
Language: Portuguese
Currency: Real
Area: 8.547.403 km2
Population: 169.799 millions of inhabitants

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  Additional Information: optional tours

Half-day Brazilian Falls: Walking for 1 mile and a half through the tropical forest of Iguassu national Park, you get to the breahtaking Iguassu Falls with more than 250 cascades. Duration 3 hours.

One day in Iguassu Falls: Reception at brazilian airport, transfer to the great brazilian waterfalls, guided walking tour and transfer to brazilian airport. (Lunch is not included)

Itaipu Dam: A guided visit to the largest hydroelectric power station in the world. The tour includes an informative film. Duration of 3 hours.

Paraguayan Market: This tour passes through the brazilian town of Foz do Iguassu, then crosses the Friendship Bridge which links Brazil and Paraguay over the majestic Paraná river. A stop is made below the bride where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Parana Valley. Once in Paraguay visit the "smuggler's market". Winding up at the center of the free port and handicrafts market, you will have free time for shopping. You will find excellent bargains of all imported articles types. And also paraguayan leather goods and handicrafts. Note: Passport required. Duration 2 hours.

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